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Making time for me

By | April 7, 2012

I am making some fucking time for just me. I do so much for everyone else and work my ass off and never really do just me. With that in mind, I have decided to take a little trip all by my lonesome for a weekend of R & R. I decided to make reservations […]

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Thanksgiving Home Movies

By | November 26, 2010

For the family Thanksgiving dinner that was held at my parents house my kid brother had the insight to bring several DVDs that he had made from the old home movies that were on VHS and had no sound. He had them playing on the big screen in the family room so that everyone was […]

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New color matching technology

By | July 11, 2007

Hewlett Packard today demonstrated a new color matching technology that could change the way people shop for products that require color coordination, such as cosmetics.HP Labs, the company’s central research arm, has developed a technology that uses sophisticated imaging algorithms and mobile networking to match colors that complement one another, including makeup specific to skin coloring. […]

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I am a blogger

By | January 21, 2007

So I have a blog , wanted to get one for so long now I could almost taste it in my mouth. Have had a great time reading friends blogs and some other corporate blogs overtime that I figured I would start my own. I know I am not going to make a million blogging […]

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