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I am number four

By | March 14, 2012

I loved this fucking movie. I had to watch it again last night and the ending is set up for a second flick, but I haven’t heard any word about it. I hope they are in the process of it, because it was an amazing movie. I can’t help being a science fiction nerd. Give […]

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Taking the little shits out

By | January 15, 2012

I decided to give my sister and her husband a little break and take the little shits out to the movies and to spend the night with Auntie Denise. Boy am I in trouble. The older they get the more they fight and I hope I am still sane tomorrow morning. So do we go […]

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Oscar Trivia

By | July 2, 2011

The past month I have been exploring and learning about musical composers. My interest goes all the way back to the classical geniuses like Mozart and Vivaldi, and all the way to contemporary composers who we all hear but probably do not appreciate for their work on movie scores and soundtracks. Came across this tidbit […]

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Thanksgiving Home Movies

By | November 26, 2010

For the family Thanksgiving dinner that was held at my parents house my kid brother had the insight to bring several DVDs that he had made from the old home movies that were on VHS and had no sound. He had them playing on the big screen in the family room so that everyone was […]

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By | November 22, 2010

Now, I haven’t finished reading the manga Koudelka yet, but I still really like it. So this is what it’s about. Koudelka- This manga is something of a side story to the PlayStation game of the same name, though you don’t have to have played the game to understand it. London, 1899: A girl with […]

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