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OMG I HATE Windows 8! HATE IT!

By | August 4, 2013

My new laptop has Windows 8 on it. When I bought it, I thought, no big deal. It’s the newest version of windows and it must be the latest and greatest, they know what they’re doing, and all that happy horseshit. I figured it would be a half day of poking around and learning the […]

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Nagging Messages

By | December 14, 2011

For years I have used Firefox for my browser. I just like it. Can’t explain why, but it just works for me. Sometimes I forget that a lot of people are using Internet Explorer and they are having a slightly different browsing experience from mine. So lately when I log in to WordPress, I get […]

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No Thanks, Firefox

By | September 2, 2011

So I log into WordPress this morning and on my dashboard is a big announcement from Firefox that “it appears your browser is out of date.” Well, Firefox, what the hell are you doing in my WordPress dashboard? For your information, I have installed your latest browser on my desktop PC and the fucker crashes […]

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My Niece and Her Reviews, Summaries and Writings

By | November 9, 2010

My niece has asked me if she could submit some of her summaries of the various anime and mangos that she has been getting into lately. I’ve tried to encourage her to start her own blog, but she just doesn’t seem interested at this point so I have consented to her sending me her summaries […]

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Have been shopping

By | November 27, 2007

Just got back from the local malls and have shopped all i can shop for my legs are hurting from all the walking around. Know doubt there will be some happy family and friends this year or atleast I hope so. There is only so much i buy at the mall since alot of times […]

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