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Dog Toys Cost Too Much

By | October 9, 2012

There was a big deal at the pet store about a new line of dog toys and dog clothing by some celebrities. Like I really give a shit that some old rock and roll geezer has “designed” clothes for my dog? But the sale paper that hit my driveway said they have expanded their dog […]

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New Definition Askhole

By | September 13, 2012

My sister is really bad about calling me up and wasting hours of my cell phone minutes telling me all about her fucking problems. So I listen and ask some questions and after a while I tell what I think would work or what I would do in her situation. And we seem to agree […]

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Cell Phones Are Not New

By | May 19, 2012

OK – I know everyone learned in grade school that Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone and that is a huge big deal in itself. I don’t know who actually invented to cell phone. But I do know that cell phones are not really a new thing. They have been around over half of my […]

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Call Your Mom

By | May 13, 2012

Even if you sent your Mom a Mother’s Day card or were sweet enough to buy her a gift and have it mailed or shipped to her house, you need to call your mother today. It is Mother’s Day and all the cards and gifts in the world would not mean as much to her […]

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Yes I Cuss

By | May 6, 2012

Do not get after me about using cuss words. I do cuss and I know I cuss and if you are a friend of mine then you should know that I cuss. I do not care if you don’t like it. Fuck you if you are bothered by cuss words. Unfriend me from Facebook. I […]

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