Don’t Be the Next Highway Statistic

By | November 1, 2017

I saw one of the worst accidents I have ever seen today on the way to work. It was one of those little electric cars vs a semi. The semi won the battle and there was nothing, I mean nothing left of the little car.

This is the reason I won’t drive small vehicles like that. It is a coffin on wheels. I can see driving one of those in a small town maybe, but getting on a major highway is just asking for trouble. I feel so sorry for the family of whoever was driving that car, not to mention the driver of the truck. He has got to feel horrible, even though it didn’t seem like he did anything wrong.

My suggestion to anyone who likes those little cars is to keep them off of the highway. Drive them around town but for heaven’s sake stay away from the highways. It is just too dangerous and is not worth your life. I don’t want any of my friends to be the next highway fatality statistic.

I personally will stick with my SUV. At least I feel a little safer in it than I would a smaller car and since I have to commute on the highway to work, I want to make sure I get there in one piece. And you, my friends, too!

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