Discovering My Family Tree

By | September 9, 2017

Social Media has been a great way to connect with old friends,  stay in touch with family, and also find family members!  I have reconnected with people I went all through school with, going back to first grade.  It’s fun to keep up with photos and posts from my cousins spread across many states.

What is most exciting is that I’ve actually found family members I had never talked to before.  This opened up a whole new unexpected hobby, researching family genealogy.  While researching the family tree is interesting, and exciting at times, it can be time consuming, so my advice is to start slow.

There are several good websites to help you research your family tree. I was able to find most simple information on I used a free trial to get most of the data, but I don’t see any reason to pay for a subscription.

A friend told me about a website that lists all the people that came to America through Staten Island. You can see actual photographs of the different ship manifests that list each passenger with a lot of details i never knew they kept. You can search the manifests by last name and find the date they arrived, who they were traveling with, and if they were in good health, among other things. Imagine that!

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