What is it about Blue Eyes?

By | September 16, 2014

Have you ever noticed that the commercials on TV really favor people with blue eyes? I wonder who is it that makes that decision? Or is it just a known fact around Hollywood that if you want a better shot at an acting gig that you need to either have blue eyes or go get contact lenses to make your eyes blue?

Also, Hollywood certainly favors people with blonde hair. It is very noticeable in LA that the majority of men and women color treat their hair. And the ultimate color combo seems to be blondes with blue eyes.

Maybe it has always been that way and I am just now noticing it. I think that the contact lenses that change your eye color are nice, but I am perfectly content with the eye color and hair color that I was born with. I see no need for me to change either one. I think women with any color hair can be attractive without using hair dye and chemicals to change their appearance. And there are some blondes who really should not be blonde – the color is harsh against their skin, or the color is too brassy – or even sometimes has a green tint!

Maybe it is human to want to try different looks. Maybe it is a sign of extreme insecurity. Maybe someone told that person coloring their hair that they would look better with a different color. Whatever the reason, no one has ever given me a good enough reason to want to dump chemical all over my head and have different colored hair. And I’m sure not interested in having blue eyes. Not even if that meant I could be on TV. To be honest, with these new HD, wide screen TVs that are in everyone’s living rooms, I don’t want a camera doing an extreme close up of my head anyway. No one needs to look that close to my face – unless maybe they’ll be paying me a couple million dollars. Then I might consider doing it.

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