Ghosts and Goblins at my Door!

By | November 2, 2013

Friday night almost never finds me at home, but since we had such bad weather here on Thursday night, the county postponed Halloween until Friday. So, rather than going downtown to the clubs, I was here at home greeting ghosts and goblins at my door, and paying a ransom for their demands of candy.

I bought a big bag of suckers at Sam’s Cub and poured the bag into a big plastic punch bowl that was decorated with skulls and ghosts and witches. The kids got a kick out of having to put their hands into the bowl to get a handful of suckers.

It was kind of fun to see all the kids come to the door. I think the doorbell rang about a dozen times. They stopped coming around 8:30 – I thought that was too early to quit, but people around here do seem to get in bed early.

The trick or treaters made a good dent in my stash of suckers, but I do have a bunch of them left over. I doubt that I will ever eat all those, but maybe I will… I don’t know what else to do with them and can’t bear the thought of just tossing them all in the trash.

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