Pleased As Punch

By | December 11, 2012

My manager took us all out for our “holiday lunch” today, which is usually held at Olive Garden, but this year she mixed it up a bit and took us to a completely different place that has a large menu and specializes in seafood! I love seafood so this was a great choice as far as I’m concerned. No fucking way can you please 14 people, some people were pissed off and showed their ass through out the entire time, but I certainly was pleasantly surprised and pleased as punch.

The menu was a series of combinations of chicken and shrimp, shrimp and steak, or steak and chicken. So I knew right off that I didn’t want chicken, so that left steak and shrimp. I was all set to order that, when I noticed two lines down, they offered steak and Jumbo shrimp. Now, I love the play on words when you are talking about shrimp, which in itself means small. Then you add a qualifier in front of it, like big or jumbo and you have a sort of paradox.

Well, I ordered the jumbo shrimp and someone else at the table ordered the regular shrimp. I can tell you, it was a HUGE difference. The jumbo shrimp were so damned big that I could not get the whole thing in my mouth for one bite. It was definitely worth it, and I can advise anyone that if you truly like shrimp, go for the jumbo!

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