Can’t Remember Where The Fuck I Put It

By | December 26, 2012

There are so many of the neatest gadgets that I’ve bought with the thought that it would be so fucking handy in the near future. But when I get them home, it is always a problem to figure out where to put all the shit until it’s needed. I don’t want to admit how many times I have come into a need for that gadget and then I can’t remember where I put it and I can’t find it to do the task. Lately, while I’m walking down the aisles of the stores that I shop at, I have been finding myself asking myself “where would you put it?” this really is becoming a problem with so much stuff brought into the household. In my asking myself this question has been a great way to keep me from buying numerous items that I can certainly live without.

I almost never use pencils. In fact I hardly use pens any more, either. I type all the words that I need to write. But today I needed a pencil and the only three pencils I could find in the house were all with broken points. So I needed a pencil sharpener. That is one of those little gadgets I’m talking about that I can’t remember where the fuck I put it and now I can’t fucking find it. A good thing I remembered the eye liner pencil sharpener that I keep in my make-up bag, which get little or no use these days, so that worked out well enough in the end.

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