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Lucky Numbers

By | September 22, 2011

Do you have a lucky number? How do you know its lucky for you? I used to think that the date of my birthday was a lucky number, but it’s never really done shit for me. I have done really well at the roulette tables playing the numbers 8 and 11. So I’ll claim the […]

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Birthday Boom

By | September 15, 2011

For some reason September is a big month for birthdays in my family. I guess since September is the ninth month, that means a whole lot of people were getting laid in December and January all those years ago and they obviously weren’t using rubbers. I don’t even want to think about it.

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New Tunes

By | September 8, 2011

Been listening to Spotify pretty much non-stop since I got my free invitation a couple weeks ago. I tried it for a couple of days and I knew that I liked it. So I sprang for the $5 to get unlimited music and no ads. It is SO worth it. I get all the new […]

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No Thanks, Firefox

By | September 2, 2011

So I log into WordPress this morning and on my dashboard is a big announcement from Firefox that “it appears your browser is out of date.” Well, Firefox, what the hell are you doing in my WordPress dashboard? For your information, I have installed your latest browser on my desktop PC and the fucker crashes […]

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