Stay ahead in your industry

By | May 14, 2008

Always stay ahead of the curve and what I mean by that is stock and carry products that are new to your industry or market. Mine is currently the adult blu-ray market since it won the format wars between HD. Everyone in the adult industry was going with HD DVDs mainly but now the shift is to blu-ray so having to stock products and start websites around this new keyword are vital to staying ahead of my industry.

The same for any industry either  your selling what your competition has for the cheaper and your selling what your competition is not and you will have a successful business. And always invest in the future of your business are this is vital to making any business a success. And always go into other business that are in your industry for instance I recently launched a adult chat website and soon will launch a adult video on demand website.

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Sherry on July 31, 2009 at 9:03 am.

This is so true always be the maverick in your industry!